Our counsellors help people to overcome their problems and cope with tough situations by providing a safe, confidential and encouraging environment in which to contemplate their emotional state. A counsellor's job tends to involve a lot of listening. It's all about empathy, patience and respect.

Pre and post natal counselling:

Having a baby can bring up challenging things for us to deal with:

  • fears

  • anticipation

  • memories

  • confusion and chaos

  • relationship changes

  • demands on the relationship

  • identity changes

Therapy is a safe space for you to address these issues to make sure you are in your best frame of mind/body/spirit to welcome your new baby and really take good care of yourself and your baby.

If you are aware of any recurring patterns and themes in your relationships or your life which you would like to address and not pass on to your child, now is a good time to start.

Have you recently given birth and find yourself experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • feeling very down or depressed

  • disinterest in your baby

  • difficulty falling asleep

  • anxiety

  • mood swings

  • spontaneous crying attacks

  • difficulty adjusting to changes    in your appetite and/or weight

  • heightened sensitivity to feeling rejected or unwanted

  • general disinterest in life and things which usually bring you pleasure

  • memories and reflections on your early years which you would like to explore and resolve

  • difficulty adjusting to your new identity as a mother

  • trouble attaching to your child


Please Note:

It is considered normal and healthy to experience a certain degree of “baby  blues” in the first week after birth.

If however, these symptoms persist or if you feel they are difficult for you to deal with alone or within your existing relationships and support structures, confidential counselling can be very helpful and relieving.

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