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Emmett Therapy

Leanne Connally

Leanne has been working with Complementary - Natural Therapies since 1995.
A qualified Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, Bowen Therapist and Emmett Technique Practitioner.

Joining the team at Warragul Wellness Centre as Emmett Practitioner for People and Dogs (small animals), Leanne will be offering both treatments and Short Course training for both People and Dogs.  


The Emmett Technique is a safe, simple to apply muscle release therapy created by founder and developer Ross Emmett. Ross is a dynamic and unique practitioner with a diverse professional background leading to the development and evolution of the EMMETT Technique over the last 35 years. 

"I simply notice things other people don't; I have found ways to stimulate the body's ability to self-correct and as a therapist I have been able to use this insight to help people.  I was encouraged to share this with others so they could do the same.  I developed what is now taught as the EMMETT Technique - to get the information out there and to be able to assist many more people than I could reach alone." Ross Emmett


This internationally recognised technique is taught and practiced in over 40 countries and is equally effective on both people and animals.

Emmett Therapy acts as a first aid to release muscle related issues using the application of light touch at specific points on the body relieving pain and discomfort, creating postural changes and improving movement, flexibility and overall well-being.

Using light pressure the technique works on micro points within muscles and muscle groups. The technique needs to be performed with the right pressure, in the correct direction and with precise timing to achieve the best outcome. There are receptor points all over the body so the therapist can target the area of concern. It may sound surprising but the relaxation response and the feeling of ease in the area is often immediate. The pressure required is not heavy or painful. Clients can be seated, standing or lying down. The treatment can be done directly to the skin or through clothing.

The first visit for humans generally takes 3/4 hour for Emmett, taking history and treatment.  Most follow up visits take 1/2 hour.

For dogs, prices are the same. Most first visits take 1/2 hour and follow up can be 20 mins.  

Leanne is working every second Tuesday 1pm-6pm.

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