My main aim as a Homeopathic practitioner, is to lift people from the lows of ill health to the strength and positivity that comes from being well; mentally, emotionally and physically. 

I give every patient the best of me and nothing less; given with care, quality and intergity.

As a registered and qualified Homeopath, I place a great deal of importance on addressing illness and disease, including how it may manifest emotionally and mentally. Also, I take into consideration the causes of my patients ill health, as it may come from a deep seated emotional place or from lifestyle and environmental factors. 


Homeopathy is a deep acting medicine, over 200 years old and well worth considering for "never been well since..." cases and an array of acute and chronic conditions from skin issues, allergies, sinusitis, tonsillitis and digestive disorders, hormonal issues, insomnia, exhaustion and anxiety; just to name a few.  Gentle for all ages and those of us tired of the over-use of antibiotics and who long to try a natural alternative for ourselves and our families. Better still, Homeopathic medicines work to support the immune system and vitality levels, giving our bodies, hearts and minds the opportunity to become stronger and more balanced on our journey toward better health. 

"I had been to the doctors several times for my chest. I had a constant cough which was keeping my up all night and making it hard to breathe and they couldn't help me. I went and saw Celeste (not knowing anything about Homeopathic medicine) and within days my cough was completely gone, and hasn't returned. I didn't have to take all those expensive supplements and drugs either. I don't really need to know how it works, I just know it does! I highly recommend her."

Nellie, 72. 


Celeste Amenta

78 Albert St Warragul Vic 3820

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