Kate Thomas

Hi, I’m Kate

I believe that everyone has the right to live a life of freedom both internally and externally and a lot of the time, the things that are holding us back are limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that have been pre-programmed from childhood into adulthood. These beliefs are stuck within the subconscious mind creating thoughts and behaviours that no longer serve us.

My aim is to help you remove these subconscious blocks, so you can live the life you choose.


Who I work with:

Clients from all walks of life who want to make positive changes in their lives, break through limiting beliefs and release what is holding them back.

My style is supportive down to earth and creative.

I’ll help you work through limiting self-beliefs and clear negative blocks in your life. My approach is often described by clients as intuitive, practical and sometimes spiritual.

How I help my clients:

My philosophy is to empower my clients to self-explore, to find their internal resources and be the catalysts for their own healing whilst supporting them and guiding them on their journey


What I offer:

Standard Hypnotherapy  (approx. 1.5hrs to 2hrs ) = $240
Concession – Pension Card, Concession card, student card = $210.00

During this session we will align with your intention and work towards facilitating insights, energy release and self-healing. This is achieved through a blending of traditional and energy-based hypnotherapy,  whereby your conscious mind and body will be guided into a relaxed state and supported on your healing journey.

This session offers an empowering experience assisting you to release and re-frame limited beliefs, behavioural patters and stuck emotions. This approach can be effective with issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, fears and phobias, strong emotions, relationship issues, motivation, self-esteem and confidence issues, addictions and enhancing concentration, achieving goals, academic and sports and athletic performance, public speaking, grief and loss, weight issues and chronic pain and health related issues.

Suitable for adults and teens from 14 years

Extended Hypnotherapy – HeartEnergetix  (2.5hrs to 3hrs) $300

Concession – Pension Card, Concession card, student card = $250.00

This comprehensive Hypnotherapy Session, with HeartEnergetix is the art and science of healing and deep personal transformation, freeing clients to live their true selves. The blending of hypnotic trance, energetic principles and higher consciousness empowers the client to transform what was perceived to be their pain into power or peace. You can book this session as an initial session or as a follow on to a Standard session if you a ready to delve deeper.

Incorporating HeartEnergetix techniques, including Age Regression, this session aims to access the core and source of your issue, re frame limiting self-beliefs and clearing the energy that you are holding in your body as a result. This powerful and insightful session encourages and supports profound and positive change to your emotional and energetic landscape as well as your behaviour.

If you are ready to delve back into your past and heal at the core and source of your issue then HeartEnergetix might be for you.  Suitable for releasing addictions, compulsions, trauma, fears, phobias, limiting self-beliefs and behavioural patterns, anxiety, depression, strong emotions, relationship issues and self-esteem and confidence issues, weightless and eating disorders, relationship issues and body-based issues (chronic pain and health related issues)

Follow up session (1hr to 1.5hrs) = $185

Concession – Pension Card, Concession card, student card = $150.00

This is a follow up session after your standard or extended HeartEnergetix Hypnotherapy session. This session is used to further enhance  the healing process and build on the positive changes made in your initial sessions, allowing for further integration and healing.  These sessions also provide the opportunity to address and heal other issues or concern. Some issues may require several therapy sessions to achieve your therapeutic goals.  If you require any subsequent treatments, please select this session.


1 x standard initial hypnotherapy session & 1 follow up Session (3.5 hours total therapy) = $414

1 x standard initial hypnotherapy session 1.5 and 2 follow up session = $589

1 x extended HeartEnergetix hypnotherapy session (2.5hours) &* 1 x follow-up session (90 mins) = $446


To find out more please visit www.katelthomas.com

78 Albert St Warragul Vic 3820

Ph: 56364902


Opening Hours:

Monday: 9am to 5pm

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Saturday: By Appointment ONLY

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