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Samantha Osterlund

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Nutritional Medicine is the practice of utilizing food and nutrition to influence and promote our health, and is a key tool for disease prevention and management. Samantha has always been passionate about food, she loves cooking and trying new recipes or ingredients, her happy place is in the kitchen cooking up a storm, so it seemed a natural progression to study Nutrition.  Samantha completed her Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine in 2018.  Prior to studying Nutrition she has been working as a Nurse for 10 years and this is where she realised that it is so important to look after our bodies and to nourish them by putting the right foods in.  So many diseases and conditions are preventable and can be largely avoided by making good choices not only about food, but lifestyle as well as emotional well being. I am looking forward to working with people who are wanting to make positive changes in their lives so they can be happier, healthier and get the most out of life.

A consult will involve an in-depth assessment of your health and medical history, current diet/lifestyle and any health concerns you would like to address. Your prescription may include dietary modifications with delicious customised recipes, further pathology testing to get to the crux of any health conditions, and high quality, tailored supplements to help correct any imbalances if necessary.
You will receive ongoing support and information to ensure you are empowered and equipped with the right tools to take control of your health long term.
Consults can help with:
 Immune support/autoimmune conditions
 Weight management
 Preconception pregnancy support
 Anxiety, depression
 Sports nutrition
 Managing food allergies and 

 Digestive health
 General wellbeing
 Skin conditions