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The ancient Indian Ayurveda tradition of drinking water stored in a copper vessel is making a come back!

A hammered, shiny, finish. Made of 100% pure copper with plastic inner seal on the lid (not visible) to ensure it is leak proof. The perfect replacement for plastic water bottles. 

The bottle holds 1 litre of water. 


Copper water is a natural antioxidant and is believed that after 8 hours of water being stored in a copper vessel, copper ions dissolve in that water in very tiny amounts, becoming copper ion charged water. The Copper water is said to be anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and may have other health benefits. Copper has natural anti-bacterial properties and kills the undesirable bacteria. Copper is an essential trace element that assists our immune and nervous systems. Our body cannot "make" copper so we need to ingest it from our food or water. 


  • When you first get your Copper Bottle rinse with a natural acidic solution of lemon and water to ensure the copper is cleansed. Do this regularly.
  • To make copper water fill bottle and leave overnight (around 8 hours).
  • Drinking water from copper bottle at room temperature is best.
  • Copper changes colour over time and use. If you desire you can always polish your bottle after extended use to shine it back up.

Copper Water Bottle - Matte

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