HAPPY HELPER ROLLER OIL - Fractionated Coconut Oil (Bergamot, Wild Orange) children's dilution


WORRY DOLL - Teeny tiny little handmade people live in the teeny tiny little pouch. Each worry doll has been handmade using scraps of fabric. They are all unique and are bound to take yours or someone dear to you's worries away.Each worry doll measures approx 4.5cms and comes with a drawstring textile pouch and a copy of the worry doll legend. A great little stocking filler type present."There is a story that when the Mayan people of Guatemala have worries, they tell them to the Worry Dolls and then put them under their pillow at night. By morning, the worry dolls have taken all the worries away."Many colours are available. If you would like a particular colour, please include a note upon checkout and we will match it if possible.

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