What are crystal water bottles?

Crystal water bottles are simply glass water bottles embedded with natural crystal or gemstone chunks in their interior. Crystal water bottles are completely safe and non-toxic, and are designed to be sustainable and re-used again and again.

You’ll find crystal water bottles fitted out with a range of different crystals known for health and healing properties.

What are the benefits of crystal water bottles?

The idea behind crystal water bottles is to imbue the water inside with the energy of the specific crystal soaking within. Different crystals are used for different healing or spiritual purposes. People have long been using crystals as a part of their meditation or spiritual rituals for centuries. 

Drinking this crystal-infused water allows you to benefit from the energy and intentions of your chosen crystal.



glass bottle + stainless steel + natural crystal wand

Clear Quartz Wand for clarity, regulating energy, increasing awareness

Size: 25cm x 6.5cm

comes with black shakeproof cover for bottle


- Natural crystal will be vary slightly due to different craftsmanship
-The color of the item may vary slightly due to photography and different PC monitor.

Quartz Crystal Stainless Steel Water Bottle


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