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Our Mists are handmade room and aura sprays and infused made with love, blessings and positive intentions, with essential oils and crystal essence as the main elements. They were made with the intention to be easily available at the specific moment in need. If you are home or out and you are feeling unbalanced, uneasy, anxious, or whatever that feeling may be, you can simply pull out your mist and spray the divine essence to create the space for you to connect and heal. An Essential Oils’ aroma is so potent and powerful, that by being able to carry it with us in times of need, we are able to feel safer and more in control, so you can go about your day knowing that you have a tool you need to overcome any emotional barriers.

Each mist spray contains a crystal in the glass bottle that is the same as the crystal essence used.

We only use 100% Pure Essential oils

What are Essential Oils......

Essentials oils are extracted through the process of distillation of leaves, flowers, bark and other parts of a plant or tree. This extraction is the spirit or "life force" of the plant, hence why essentials oils are so potent in its properties. It provides us the fifth element; the quint ESSENCE of life.

Crystals, like essential oils, come from the earth, and hold certain spiritual properties to amplify the energy. When essential oils and crystals combine, it further increases the mists' power of healing on a spiritual and physical level. We add crystals into the Essence Mists, because, like Essential Oils, Crystals work on a vibrational level, to enhance our mind, body and spirit. Crystals amplify the energy, to raise our healing vibration, to become in tune with ourselves, and create harmony within and beyond.


Immune Boost Mist:


100% essential oils - Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot


Rose Quartz crystal essence - This pink crystal is a very soothing and calming stone. symbolizing love and harmony. It helps open your heart to give and receive love. It also encourages you to forgive others and especially yourself, helping you to move on. It emits vibrations of love, harmony and peace.


other ingredients: spring water, himalayan salt


These mists are intended for external use only and we do not advise they are used during pregnancy. We have a selction of Mists available, please have a browse and if you have any questions, please ask.

Rest and Relax Mist 200ml