Hi I am Ruby the lead practitioner of Perspective Coaching Services. Perspective Coaching is designed specifically to support people in their journey to wellness. 

The practitioners at Perspective Coaching specialize in trauma, depression, and chronic pain management but also offer a range of services to assist you in restoring and maintaining wellness mentally, physically and spiritually.
Whether you need help with an existing condition or want to live a balanced, enriched
healthy life, we are here to help you.
Perspective Coaching is a combination of psychology, spirituality and complementary
therapy to get you to Wellness. It is all about increasing your emotional intelligence. How you perceive events in your life and the meaning you give to that event determines your emotions and the results you get in life. 
Your physical, mental and spiritual health depends on your ability to perceive from a higher perspective. Dis-ease such as depression, anxiety, stress, and fatigue manifest in the body from the lack of awareness of who we are and the lack of understanding of the power of our minds and thoughts.
Emotions are energy in motion, when trapped and stuck in a past memory it doesn't flow as it should and we stay caught up in it. We experience life from this stuck place. Some say unconscious living or living on autopilot. At perspective coaching, we teach you how to change your automated perception and to develop emotional intelligence so you have a better perspective on life, work, and business. We teach you to capture the moment you are struggling with, change what's not working, choose something greater than what's been and live from choice and possibilities. 
By working with us our clients gain self-mastery of emotions and perception. It has helped them stay calm, certain and confident within themselves. They function from a place of personal power and from a place of infinite possibilities.
All our practitioners are accredited professionals here to provide you with cutting-edge
information that will naturally propel you to Wellness. Nothing from the outside will
influence how you feel anymore, you will be radiating light and joy from the inside out.

Wellness Coach

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