Yoga Classes 

Samantha Whitaker

Are you needing to re-connect and have some time for yourself?

General Yoga Class:

Perfect for ALL women, including pregnant women. This is a gentle and calming 1 hour class for all fitness levels.

Guided in a non-competitive manner, clients are encouraged to progress slowly and steadily through a sequence of asanas (poses). Samantha will provide modifications and options to suit each participants level of experience allowing you to move safely in and out of the pose.

A great way to restore your energy and connect with your inner peace in a safe and nurturing environment.

We offer a small and intimate classes with a maximum of 5 clients per class.

Mums and bubs Class:

These classes will give you an opportunity to bond with your child while nourishing yourself. Learn postures and movements to help your body as you adapt to the physical and emotional stresses of caring for a young child.
Classes focus on:

  • Exercises To Strengthen The Pelvic Floor, Abdominals And Back

  • A Step By Step Build Up Of Whole Body Condition And Steadiness

  • Yoga Postures Specifically Aimed At The Upper Back, Shoulders And Neck, To Counterbalance The Additional Strain That Comes With Lifting, Carrying And Breastfeeding.

  • Deep Relaxation And Restorative Postures. These Postures Can Be Helpful With Shortage Of Sleep, They Bring Energy Back

  • Taking Time And Care For Yourself

Appropriate for new parents (6 weeks post birth) and infants to crawling. All levels are welcome & No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Pregnancy Yoga:

Fact: Women who practice yoga throughout their pregnancies experience shorter labours, less need for pain relief, less medical interventions and have calmer babies Pregnancy Yoga is a speciality class. You not only want a properly trained and qualified teacher, you also want to be able to connect at a deeper level. If you’re not completely satisfied with a class, shop around. Pregnancy is not a time to have to deal with more stress! We want our students to leave class feeling relaxed and in control of their lives.


We invite you to prepare your body & mind for the birth of your baby in a warm and welcoming environment by learning the tools and techniques that will assist you during pregnancy and labour, including:

  • Time To Simply Connect With Your Baby

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Use Of Sound And Vocal Toning

  • Beneficial Yoga Postures To Increase The Strength, Flexibility And Endurance Of Muscles Needed For Childbirth

  • Active Birthing/Labour Movement

  • Guided Visualization

  • Cultivating self confidence, allowing you to trust in your body and mind

  • The positive side benefits of pregnancy yoga include:

  • Improved Sleep

  • Reduce Stress And Anxiety

  • Learning To Trust Your Intuition

  • Meeting Other Expectant Mothers (Comm-UNITY)

  • Decrease Low Back Pain, Nausea, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Headaches And Shortness Of Breath

  • Decrease The Risk Of Preterm Labour & Induced Hypertension


*This classes is for women only.

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