Your ultimate wellness destination

A number of wellness services under one roof, giving you the options you need for

optimal health and balance.

At Warragul Wellness Centre, we believe each person has the innate ability to heal and stay in optimum health and we employ different strategies in order to unlock that ability. 

We treat the whole person and cooperate as a team to give the best possible individual outcomes. 

We cater for the entire family and welcome everyone into our healing space.

We are also proud to offer a holistic Pregnancy Clinic with a focus on supporting women with

natural alternatives for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Take a look at our list of treatments and services to find the right fit for you.





Opening Hours:
Monday - By Appointment
Tuesday - By Appointment
Wednesday - 9am-12pm  4pm-8pm
Thursday -  9am-12pm 4pm-8pm
Friday - By Appointment
Saturday - By Appointment
Please call 56364902 if centre is unattended or make bookings online at




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