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Intuitive Crystal Healing

Hi I'm Jacqui and from a very young age I have always had a connection with Crystals. They have continued to reach out to me throughout my life. I love using them as a tool to connect with source as well as connecting and amplifying the energy within the crystals themselves. My background in nursing and wellness runs deep and is a solid foundation for my ability to offer healing and relaxation. Whether you are a believer or not, I can assure you will leave your session feeling lighter and more relaxed than when you came in. I look forward to sharing energy with you soon :)


My Crystal healings do not focus specifically on chakras, more what your body is saying it needs in that moment after an energy scan. I uses my psychic and mediumship abilities in combination with the crystal energy to intuitively tailor your healing and reconnect your Mind, Body and Soul.


I like to work in three stages. The first is to cleanse and ground you and help to flush any stagnant or low energy. The second is to rebalance any areas that seem to have too much or too little energy and to recalibrate your vibration. The third is to bring in new energy, abundance and focus on your original intention.

Although it should never replace medical care, energy/crystal healing is a great option to have in your self-care toolbox.

 Jacqui offers in person Crystal Healings and Distance Healings

Please visit my website to find out more about my treatments and what to expect 

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