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Chiropractor at work


A chiropractor is a health care professional focused on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, with an emphasis on treatment through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine.

Most chiropractors seek to reduce pain and improve the functionality of patients as well as to educate them on how they can account for their own health via exercise, ergonomics and other therapies to treat back pain. An underlying principle of chiropractic is “healthy spine, healthier life”. By offering drug-free spinal healthcare and lifestyle advice, chiropractors help Australians lead and maintain healthy lives.

Dr Melissa Kovacevic (Chiropractor) completed her Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of clinical Chiropractic at RMIT University. She moved from the city 7 years ago and loves and embraces the relaxing country lifestyle. Melissa believes the greatest change happens when people understand their bodies better and can achieve better health and wellness through small changes. This can be through physical chemical or emotional awareness. She loves working with people of all ages and at difference life stages in particular working with babies, children and pregnant mothers. Melissa is a SD and SOT practitioner and utilises many different techniques. Melissa believes that everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves and it’s never too late to begin the adventure.
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