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Therapeutic / Relaxation Massage

  • Do you feel stressed and need of some time out?

  • Got a sore back, a stiff neck or tight muscles?

If so, Therapeutic Massage may be just what the doctor ordered to restore your body! Massage soothes away your cares, relaxes the muscles and assists the body to heal itself.

Therapeutic Massage is a general term to describe all types of massage that are therapeutic as well as relaxing. 

Our therapists have a range of skills and can tailor your massage to suit your needs.

Whole body therapeutic massage, covers relaxation, deep tissue and trigger points to reduce tension in the muscles, strengthen the immune system and help to gain a deep sense of relaxation.

When you book your therapeutic/relaxation massage, you can enjoy a rejuvenated sense of being.


Therapeutic / Relaxation massages are also a positive benefit to your mental health. Allowing your mind, body and soul to fully relax and rebalance.

Take a look at the description of each of our practitioners to decide which will be the best fit for you!


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