Relaxation Massage

The main goal of this massage is to fully relax. Therapists would typically use long strokes that create a nice overall flow for the whole body and may target a few trigger points if you want that.

When you book your relaxation massage, you can enjoy a rejuvenated sense of being. Massages are scientifically proven to enhance concentration and improve productivity. You can also enjoy an improvement in skin tone and appearance due to improved blood circulation. Some people have reported an increase in flexibility post-massage. Using a variety of approaches, a full body Relaxation massage most commonly consists of long soft strokes directed towards the heart to improve circulation, as well as harder chops and kneading to tackle those pesky knots in your back and neck. Relaxation massages are also a positive benefit to your mental health. Allowing your mind, body and soul to fully relax an rebalance.

Relaxation Therapy:

(Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy, Acupressure, Kodo rhythmic massage, Swedish therapy)