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But how can I deal with my anxiety?

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Kathy Beardmore - Kinesiology

So how exactly do we deal with something that feels like 10 spiders dropping down on us all at once - Surprise! Horrible image I know – sorry! However, it’s a representation of something that turns up out of nowhere and puts you into a panic that feels uncontrollable and takes you a while to shake off. Firstly, ignore the fact that people are telling you that you are over reacting, you’re being a bitch or to grow up. This is called unsupportive and you don't need that. If the people closest to you are the ones telling you this then sit them down, look them in the eye and explain to them how anxiety is crippling you and that you need their support, not their criticism and you would like to work together as a team to conquer it! If you don't have those types of people that are telling you unsupportive things, awesome! Your already in a better place. Ok so now that we know how anxiety feels and how the world can view us (which I’m sure you already knew) I hear you asking the questions, "But how can I deal with my anxiety?" Well my loves, it’s a process. It’s a not quick fix overnight, it’s not a drug to take daily to band aid the problem and its definitely not squashing it with pure weight of ignorance and pretending it’s not there. Positive mantras only work for so long and eventually you will be faced with the ugly problem that has always been there. It takes time, patience and most of all self-love and a great amount of awareness. Let’s find your trigger points. Let’s find out what sets you off when someone doesn't write back to your text. Let’s find out what sends you into a frenzy when you are running late for an appointment and it ruins your whole day or week. It’s the trigger points we tend to ignore. We get so consumed in the feeling of anxiousness and the repercussions its brings that the trigger points that set us off in the first place get pushed to the side just waiting to be touched on again - then BOOM...anxiety! Let’s look at your emotional trigger points, your physical ones, ones that are stored in your body memory. Did something traumatic happen such as a car crash on the way to an appointment one day? Which not only made you late but also made you anxious to drive? As a child were your parents always yelling at you to not make a mess, put things away and cleaned up after you like a chux cloth hurricane? Now for some unknown reason your anxious about mess and it affects you at other people’s house and breaks the happy laid-back flow of your own. Money issues, my god money issues! Did your family struggle? As a kid your parents drilled into your head the concept of money and the importance it plays. Now your always anxious about work, bills, education, how you spend your dosh and in return this affects your lifestyle and your family. Our body remembers these events on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Body memory can be passed down through genetic DNA memory, imbedded in us as a child, leave an impression as a teenager and then haunt us as adults. Your first tip – stop trying to organise your anxiety. It can’t happen, it won’t happen. It will only make you more anxious if you try to sort your anxiety like we try to sort our school books on the first day of year 7. There is no way to pretty it up, there is no way to organise it and it’s only going to get scruffier as the year goes on. Your second tip – download this free e-book! Do it, do it, do it! No it won’t cure your anxiety. That takes commitment, professional help and your personal understanding. This is where Kinesiology will crack that anxiety egg open and let it run down the sink to never be seen again. This E-book will however give you tips on how to deal with your anxiety until your ready to have that egg cracked open. Every day tips and points to help calm you, ground you and make you feel more in control is what you will find in this e-book. #anxietysucks – don’t let the rascal win!

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