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Exercise Scientist

Nicole Hansen


What is an Exercise Scientist?
Exercise Scientist use evidence based practice to deliver specific exercise programs and
assessments. With a great knowledge of exercise interventions, Exercise Scientist can work with
many individuals with a range of health, fitness, wellbeing and performance goals as well as assist
in the prevention and management of chronic conditions, however they cannot manage or treat
clinical conditions and injuries.

Nicole is a new local and has fallen in love with Gippsland since moving. Nicole lives on 4 acres
with her animals and husband. She loves spending time with her animals, in the garden or with her
family. Nicole’s passion for helping others, drove her to complete a Bachelor degree in Exercise
Science at Victoria University. Her predominate interest and passion is in improving functionality in
all individuals, to make everyday activities achievable and easier. Nicole has a special interest in
working with NDIS children. Nicole strongly believes in a holistic approach to health, knowing that
exercise is one factor in health and to be able to accomplish your goals one must have a grasp on
all aspects of health including, but not limited to mental health and wellbeing, nutrition and
exercise. Working within her scope she can advise on nutrition and factors in mental wellbeing
when creating exercise programs for clients. Utilising the team at Warragul Wellness Centre to
embrace all aspects of health and create a tailored service for clients. Nicole’s goal for all her
clients is to educate them, empowering them to find and harness their inner strength and power to
accomplish their goals and make life long health changes.