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Evolution of Warragul Wellness Centre

Jacqui Barclay


Well these 2 years have been one hell of a ride. Its amazing how many things shift and change. Initially it may seem as though these changes are a negative and will not have a favourable outcome, but it's not long before you realise that they were in fact exactly what was needed for the business to evolve and the energy to bring new life, inspiration and excitement. When I initially started the business in November of 2017 my focus and intention was always to bring more natural and holistic health options to the community. I was coming from my Doula perspective, which meant our services were aimed towards pregnancy and women's health. While we still cater to this demographic, we are now offering services for families and are excited to be moving into supporting more men in our community. Our healing space really is for everyone!

Everyone says that running your own business is hard, and they are not wrong. These last two years I have doubted myself multiple times. My dad passed away in my first year, which shook me to the core and I didn't know if I had the energy left to continue giving to others through the centre. In hindsight this was all part of the Warragul Wellness Centre journey. Sometimes heartbreak makes it easier to see what it is you are grateful for. Having clients telling me how important the centre was to them along with endless phone conversations with those reaching out for help, made it clear to me that there is no where I would rather be and no job I would rather be doing. But I didn't do it alone.... I wouldn't still be here serving the community if it wasn't for my supportive and loving family and the amazing practitioners that believe in my vision and want to be a part of a holistic health care model. I also owe a great deal of gratitude to the community of Warragul and Gippsland for trusting us to care, support, educate and nurture them and their loved ones.

We are also proud to have been a finalist in this years Gippsland business awards, and have some exciting plans moving forward for the future.

Thanks for sticking with us!!

Blessings x

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