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We have moved! New Venue, New Beginnings

Wow what a rollercoaster the last month has been. We have now relocated Warragul Wellness Centre into a new, improved venue. 1/59 Victoria St Warragul!

I knew it was time to move into a larger space as we were at capacity in the previous house, and I also knew that the energy was pushing me forward to make another leap.

I have always been driven by energy and vision, but this time my vision was BIG! To say I was fearless would be a lie, but I knew I had no choice but to jump and take a huge risk, but knew that our community and business needed us to grow.

This was a bitter sweet time and there was some guilt around our success during COVID, but it would have been stupid not to take the opportunities that presented themselves.

We managed to secure the new premises, but it needed a fair bit of work to transform from on office building to a healing sanctuary. With 3 weeks to complete everything, we had our own 'Block' experience. Working long hours and not taking a day off.

I knew all along my vision was strong and I could transform the space and vibe to be what we needed. Not everyone could visualise and see what I was trying to create, but amazingly all of my practitioners trusted me and basically said, "where you go, I go".

I am so grateful to have the support of our current team members. I am truly privileged to be able to share the space with them and their clients.

The best part of our team is that each and everyone one of us has the same intention. It is all about the client, the individual, and how we can assist them in finding better health. We are all working together for the same goal and encouraging each other on the journey.

The future is bright and exciting, with many new plans and services/classes in the pipeline.

I know we can achieve anything in this fresh, inviting space.

I will continue to DREAM BIG for Warragul Wellness Centre and each and every person in our community.

I invite you to come along and check it our for yourself.

Jacqui Barclay


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