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Letting go of negativity

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Studies have shown that negative emotions actually weaken your body, while positive emotions strengthen your body. Shame has the most devastating effect, followed by guilt, apathy, grief, fear, anxiety, craving, anger and hate.

Suppressing emotions uses up a lot of energy, which robs your body of energy that should be used for vital functions. Negative emotions tax your spleen, liver and adrenal glands and use up nutrients the body needs to sustain itself. The result is fatigue, auto-immune disorders, and lowered vitality.

Pent-up emotions can be released through the feet. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass. Walk along a beach, especially an ocean beach or beside water falls where negative ions are released into the air by the moving water. Niagara Falls releases the largest concentration of negative ions on the planet! Negative ions are healing and emotionally uplifting. No ocean? Soak your feet in Epsom salts and hot water, using earthing products or have a Reiki or Reflexology treatment!

Smile, even if you don't feel it. The act of smiling changes your body chemistry. You'll suddenly feel happier! Laughter is also a great emotional release! Laughter releases chemical endorphins to make you feel happy and relaxed.

Physical exercise, strenuous labour, or sports activities help to dissipate emotional energy and release it harmlessly. Physical activities trigger the release of endorphins to make you feel good. Exercise helps expel physical and emotional toxins.

Breathe deeply! When you exert yourself, you breathe more deeply, getting added oxygen. People who are in emotional or physical pain tend to breathe very shallow. Your body becomes acidic when deprived of oxygen, which reduces your ability to cope with stress

Meditation is an ideal tool to achieve serenity and balance between your brain's left and right hemispheres. Meditation slows your brain waves to an alpha state of 7.8-11htz. This provides a direct link to your subconscious mind. It's rather like hacking into the universe's software. Meditation directly opens you to wisdom and inspiration far beyond analytical modes

We are also happy to help you regain balance safely in our healing space with our amazing natural health practitioners.

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