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Not all health products are created equally

There are a myriad of nutritional and herbal supplements available to purchase online, in supermarkets, chemists and health food stores; it can be difficult for consumers to know the difference between good quality and inferior products.

As the name suggests, practitioner-only products are natural medicines listed or registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and supplied by qualified practitioners.  Practitioner-only products usually have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they are both effective and safe.  These supplements are not available for over-the-counter sale and can only be purchased at health clinics, with a prescription from a verified practitioner.

Retail supplements often only contain a small amount of active ingredient, present in its’ cheapest form (i.e. not absorbed and metabolised as efficiently by the body) and may expose the public to potentially dangerous excipients, fillers and preservatives.  Some products contain substitute herbs, dangerous amounts of mercury or pesticides and more fillers than actual active ingredient.

By comparison, practitioner-only brands are a guarantee that you are taking a regulated product, specifically formulated to enhance absorption and increase the effectiveness of the supplement.

Warragul Wellness Centre is your one stop shop for practitioner only supplements and functional testing. Book your appointment today!

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