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Warragul Wellness Centre Begins..

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

This post is to introduce myself and to give you a little background on why I decided to open Warragul Wellness Centre.

My name is Jacqui and I am the founder/director of Warragul Wellness Centre, Enrolled nurse, Doula and mother of 5.

Over the years I have seen a dramatic rise in medical interventions for not only the general public but especially those who are pregnant. My passion has always been to educate and assist people. Although I agree that there is definitely a place for traditional medicine, I also believe that many natural therapies or alternative medicine can fill the wellness void that mainstream medicine lacks. I personally have had amazing results from many different alternative services and realise the need to educate and empower others to see that they DO have many options available that can have limited or no side effects.

Alternative options can relieve many ailments, discomforts and encourage your immunity and overall health and wellness.

I feel that the traditional medical industry is more about keeping you as a lifetime member of sickness rather that promoting how to keep yourself healthy and well, and this is why so many people are turning to alternative medicine and other, health orientated services.

Since moving to Drouin I have seen a lack of services in the rural community in comparison to that of suburbs closer to Melbourne. My aim is to provide a health conscious community within Warragul Wellness Centre and be a one stop shop for all your alternative health needs.

Take a look at what we have on offer and stay tuned for more practitioners in the coming months.

Thanks for your ongoing support

Jacqui Barclay

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