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Smoky Quartz Point – Large

A beautiful polished natural smoky quartz Point at the top, the lower half and edges remain rough.

Simply place the Point in the environment or lay it upon the body or hold it in the hands.


Smoky quartz is known to assist with improving overall wellbeing, the release of unwanted emotional baggage, surrendering old wounds, stability and grounding. It is known to connect us deeper with the Earth. It is also known to draw pure light energy from the crown chakra into the root chakra, helping you ground into the earth. 


Weight: Approx. 0.4kg

Size: Approx. 50mm x 50mm x 80mm

Images shown are for illustration purposes.


Made in Brazil.

Important Notice:

Due to the actual product may vary in shape, weight, colour and pattern, the product images shown are examples of the range of product and may not be an exact representation of the product. Your purchase will be different from the images.

Smoky Quartz Point – Large

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