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Private Clinical Pilates

Private Clinical Pilates classes take a more personalised approach to treatment. Exercises are specific to your individual needs (as determined by our Diploma Trained Instructor, Shari Ward). This form of Pilates will adapt and change to suit your level and abilities. The goal of Clinical Pilates is to help activate the specific muscles in your body that will bring the biggest rewards, namely fast and safe recovery and a return to full physical capacity. Rather than giving a general exercise program your Clinical Pilates trainer uses their knowledge and training to provide an individualised program which targets specific muscles. 

Pilates can be beneficial for anyone with nagging pain, chronic pain, or when recovering from an injury. What you need to keep in mind is that general Reformer Pilates may not always be the most appropriate activity for certain injuries and unique personal needs. Performing exercises that are not appropriate for your injuries or physical condition may put you at further risk of injury or aggravation of the existing trauma.

Whether you're looking for greater overall health, an improvement in body stability, preparation for having a baby, strengthening your pelvic floor, healing an injury, enhancing balance and coordination, correcting posture, reducing neck and lower back pain, or strengthening your core and improving your flexibility- Clinical Pilates will be incredibly beneficial for you.

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