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White Calcite is one of the most powerful healing crystals to have in the home. They are very powerful energy amplifiers, helping to raise the energy level of our space. Calcite's healing properties include energy clearing and cleansing, which increases the flow of positive energy throughout space. Calcite radiates calming, revitalizing energy that helps to open energy channels and unlock blockages. White Calcite is specifically beneficial to place in the home, as they hold the most powerful cleansing and healing energy.


This purchase includes
– 1x Natural White Calcite Terminated Point
– 1x LED light timber base with USB cable – Large
– 1x 240V adapter


It can be powered by any device USB port or power point.

Simply place the white calcite on the timber base.
White Calcite weight between 1.00kg-1.50kg.

The LED light base provides 3 Colour light mode with 10cm light external diameter:
– Cool White Light
– Warm Light
– Natural Light


On/Off switch is attached at the cable and 8 level brightness adjustable, great for different light demands.


Timber Base Size: 10cm x 10cm x 2cm
Timber Base Weight: 0.50kg

Images shown are for illustration purposes.

White Calcite Lamp

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