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Let The Healing Begin! Winter Wellness Tips

We are so glad to be back up and running! As we slowly rebuild our lives and find a new normal after COVID-19, don't forget to prioritise your health and well being. Winter can be a trying time both physically and mentally. We want to encourage you to be proactive so that you can get through these chilly months.  Take a look at our top tips....

Wash your hands

Sounds simple, and we have all become experts at this with our recent COVID-19 challenges, but it’s the number one way to stop the spread of germs. Experts recommend washing hands every few hours and in particular after using the toilet and before meals. Give them a wash after touching someone else’s phone or keyboard at work. This can reduce your chance of colds and flu.

Keep Exercising

It’s hard to get motivated when it’s cold and dark, but your body has to work overtime to get warm, so you can burn more calories on that early morning walk or run. Find an exercise partner to keep you motivated and if it’s too cold outside, go to the gym or do laps at an indoor pool.

Make a joy list and incorporate it into your day

First, know what brings you fulfillment, and then secondly, make sure to do those things! Start by making a list of the people, places, and things that bring you joy. This could be anything from workout classes and candles to green smoothies or your favorite friend. At the beginning of every week or every day, make a plan for when you are going to incorporate a person, place, or thing from your joy list into each day.

Find your winter ritual

go on sunset walks all bundled up at least twice a week, drink lots of herbal tea, intentionally schedule friend dates, meditate daily, and sleep at least eight hours a night.

Winter-ize your diet

Start each day with a cup of tea with honey, lemon, and fresh ginger to warm up our bodies and support our immune systems. Also add hot soups to your dinner menu — our favorites are a bowl of classic chicken soup, carrot and ginger bisque, and spicy vegetable stew.

Look After yourself

It is really important to look after yourself and make sure you are treating yourself with the kindness you deserve. Massages are important but are also an effective way of taking care of yourself and your body. Massage therapy can be a great way to help you get through the winter season. The benefit here is not just in getting you out of the cold for an hour and into a nice warm treatment room but also in boosting your circulation and even your immune system. Book with Sarah HERE

Escape the winter chill

If you want to feel warm, energised and increase your well being then book a session in our Far Infrared Sauna. Book HERE

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