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Pregnancy pelvis positioning: The Do’s and Dont’s.

Dr Lucy Keith



Get your pelvis check by a Chiropractor who has further training in pregnancy care.

- Side lying release

- Rebozo

- Forward leaning inversion exercises from

- Prenatal specific massage

- Acupuncture, Yoga, Neuro-emotional Technique, Pilates

- Pelvic rocking and figure of 8’s – get a lean over on the kitchen bench or bed.

- Pelvic muscle stretching including Psoas (your hip flexor muscle)

- Sit with your pelvis tilted forward where possible, rather than backwards like a banana on the couch.

- Sitting on a exercise ball is a good option for this.


- Avoid crossing your legs, high heels or sitting in recliner chairs.

- Avoid carrying toddler’s on your hip – sit them on top of your belly, and if they’re too big, then maybe they can walk on their own.

- Avoid bras or tops that constrict your rib cage. Your rib cage needs to expand!

- Avoid sustained sitting, get up and move about as much as possible.

If you are experiencing any back pain, pelvic pain, or pubic pain or discomfort during your pregnancy, or simply want to make sure you’re providing you and your baby the best opportunity for a non-invasive birth, you can book yourself an appointment for a chiropractic assessment by following the link below.

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